What we have here is Bodega Bamz’s track off the new Game of Thrones-sponsored mixtape that dropped today, Catch the Throne. Intended as a promotional incentive for millennial Hip Hop fans to watch the show, HBO brought on both some established rappers and some up-and-comers for the project. Each song reflects, with varying degree of specificity, some aspect or moment in the show that has become HBO’s second most popular ever (after The Sopranos).

Bamz’s track starts off with a monologue from Tyrion Lannister, a prominent character on the show, about being unjustly locked up. His bars reference winter, a strong theme throughout the show due to the perilous White Walkers that make their appearance when the temperatures hit lows. He also talks about how one must do anything necessary to maintain his status as a king, something that can be easily paralleled to the cut-throat career of being a rap artist. Khaleesi, the beautiful yet unforgiving queen on the show, gets a name-check as well. If you’re a GoT fan, check out Bodega Bamz’s song and click the link above for more info on the mixtape.