Sir Lucious Left Foot aka Big Boi is getting a great deal of attention due to the upcoming menagerie of Outkast reunion shows scheduled for the spring and summer, but the emcee is still taking out the time to give his fans something new with his “Mash-Up Mondays” series. This week’s selection, “Objectum Shalamar,” flips the vocals from “Objectum Sexuality” off of his last album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors and places them onto a hard-hitting and funky instrumental. As the title implies, that instrumental is courtesy of Shalamar, the ’70s and ’80s disco-funk collective out of Los Angeles. Phantogram’s excellent hook from “Objectum Sexuality” is retained in this version as well; Big Boi sourced vocals and production from Phantogram to create not one but three songs for the aforementioned album, and clearly the New York electronic rock duo work well with Lucious’ progressive ear for beats and hooks.

With this song comes your formal reminder to save your pennies and scoop up some Outkast tickets for the summer, but until then, enjoy bumping this new and psychedelic track.

– Sterling Sackey