As you may or may not know, De La Soul released their entire catalog for free to their fans for a 25-hour period beginning on Valentine’s Day (read about it here). Some of their fans were experiencing slow download times and broken links and since it was out of their hands, the group has released an audio letter to address the happenings.

Backed by smooth production, Dave reads the “Thank You/Sorry” letter in the beginning and lets listeners ride out the beat solo. If you want to read along, the letter is posted below.


Audio letter read by Dave.

To:  Our friends and fans

We want to thank you all for making our Valentine’s Day extra special this year! The love was tremendous. The kind words made sharing feel worth it, (more than ever) thank you!  For any difficulty or delay in the process, we send our sincere apology.   Damn! It was crazy, but nonetheless, a success. You guys showed up, and even with the minor delays you were patient and handled it like champs.  Your support definitely helped turn the volume up… “This is still the Daisy Age”

If you signed up and have not yet received your links, don’t worry you WILL get them. Our team is working hard to make sure that no one is left out. You’re Welcome.

Much love y’all,

Pos, Dave & Mase
Legalize The Daisy Age!

The 25-hour giveaway was a part of the upcoming 25th anniversary celebration of the group’s 3 Feet High And Rising album.