Well this is unexpected-slash-unnecessary. While yesterday brought us Vin Diesel wobbling on dry land doing the almighty “serfbordt” dance in his home video, today brings us this. Future baby father Future delivers his own remix to Beyonce and Jay Z’s Carter Family cut “Drunk In Love.” Future’s take suggests he doesn’t really grasp the concept of being in drunk in love, though. At first it sounds like he’s pumping some girl (Ci Ci is that you?) with liquor and gently reminding her that he won’t judge her because no cops are present (what?); he then makes siren sounds to suggest he called the cops after all. The track continues, as Future is concerned with her comfort level during the “drilling,” which means she’s either drunk or receiving shots of Novocain. The song then swaps speeds from singy-songy wailing to straight spitting about pouring liquor on a girl and sipping it off, popping champagne, and having sex in all of his gold chains. Nice one. At best it’s a reminder that the internet is beautiful, and at lightening speed a top-selling rapper can drop a vague remix of a chart-topping diva’s torch single. At worst, well, it’s Future’s version of a song everyone seems to love. Do you love this version though? Weigh in below.