I have to be honest, I’m a cash money closet hoe. Ever since one of the hottest tracks to come
out in a long time Back dat ass up I
have secretly dug the Cash money
, and have harbored a curiosity for how they took the hip hop
grand stage by storm. They are a pretty rugged group of guys, but they have
done the unthinkable and easily crossed over and enjoyed mainstream success. Juvenile, the proverbial leader of the
squad, has recently dropped a new album: Juvenile:
Project English
, and although it seems a little on the vanilla side, there
is a tad of chocolate swirl to keep things interesting.

Standouts include: H.B. Headbusta,
the hilarious tracks entitled Sunshine
and Mama got ass, and What u scared 4 featuring Lil Wayne. The intro and outro
sequences on the album are pretty ill, as the album features tight production
all the way through. The rest of the album gets lost in the shuffle and fits in
that vanilla category mentioned earlier. It all starts with the first single
off of the album Set it off. In the Nolia, and White Girl feat Lil Wayne
and Baby are quite weak as well.

Overall, the album features tight production and the prerequisite appearances
of the Cash Money Millionaires. The
album will sell based on the infiltration that Juvenile has accomplished in the mainstream market. Juvenile fans may be a little
disappointed by the lack of quality hits on the album, but no need to fear –
y’know he’s going to be releasing an album in a few short months to satiate
your Cash money appetite.