The hip hop industry has expanded so dramatically that
subgenres of the music can exist. We all know that rappers fuck hoes and
bitches, but how many of them can lace a track with such pornographic
eloquence? Non other than Akinyele,
who brought us such hits as Put it in
your Mouth
, and P***y Makes The World
Go Round

In his 4th album entitled Akinyele
starring in Anakonda A.K.A. Benny Ill
its much more of the same. With
titles like the ridiculous Eat my pussy,
the sing – song Pimps & Hoes, and
Love my Bitch, it doesn’t take long
to see where this album is going artistically. Ironically the hottest jams on
the album are not in derogatory reference to women. Gangsters and Guns Bust
are my personal faves and are definitive standouts on a lackluster album.

If your feeling the whole
bit, and are a genuine pervert, then this shit is definitely for you. He
dropped his first album in 1993, and seems to enjoy more of a cult following
then mainstream success because of his brash lyrical style. He ain’t no 2 live Crew, but in this heavily
censored time, Akinyele will have to