Worldwide acclamation and public controversy are a few words
that describe recent tribulations of Hip Hop mogul Sean Combs aka P.Diddy.  With his third distinguished release, covertly
titled The Saga Continues, Diddy is anticipating to spawn a resurrection
to his somewhat stagnant recording career and personal trials. This would be
classified as extension to his intriguing debut No Way Out. Presumably with his latest effort, this urban icon will
try to distance himself between his troubles of lawsuits and heartbreak.

In essence, the compilation-infused album continues with the Bad Boy intermediate remedy. Attracting
the general urban music listener to the dance floor with their exclusive
strategic hook lines and engaging head stringing beats. The Saga Continues benefits from its solid assemble of established
stars that compliment a formidable foundation of new talent that includes G- Dep, Mark Curry and Cheri Thomas.
In addition, to the compelling label alumni like Black Rob, Carl Thomas
and Faith Evans.

Upon your first listen to The Saga
, Diddy gracefully
provides riveting efforts with solid cuts like Can’t Believe, club favorite Let’s
Get It
and the his latest clear cut winner Bad Boy For Life.

Another explosive track would be So
and Blast Off that will
be listed as hidden gems of his recent release.

Well, the obvious downside to Bad Boy
label’s latest release is that Mr.Combs
created his own personal evil and recognizable flaw. For the most part, P. Diddy, is similar to another
producer Timbaland that his lyrical
flow and tempo are not his greatest attributes and exhibited on some noteworthy
tracks. Overseen through Kokane‘s
lackluster raspy vocals, Diddy
showcases these discrepancies on the tracks Lonely
and If You Want This Money.  Other regrettable displays are, G-Dep’s Child Of The Ghetto and Roll
With Me

With the platform of platinum and pop success, The Saga Continues will be surefire collection that has the
following of P.Diddy‘s string of
commercial hits. Forecasting his true signature talent, by seizing his roster
with diverse talent that accompanies his background arrangements.