The essence of a strong debut is something an artist will
never fully be able to recapture. Despite how much we may want them to evoke
the same feelings we may have felt when we heard their album for the first time,
things are never quite the same on the next outing. For Foxy Brown, her strong debut and what occurred to her because of
it, is a testament to the adage “Fuck the game, don’t let the game fuck

Her much discussed off stage problems [drugs, attempted suicide], led to an
album that returns the “ill na na” to her roots. Broken Silence is a collection of hard tracks, tight production,
and introspective lyrics. The letter
is a heartfelt apology to her loved ones for all she had put them through in
light of her stardom. Tables will turn,
Run Dem and “Oh Yeah are all “ill” reggae vibing tracks. The
latter of these songs is sure to be a requisite hit and head bobber. The other
single B.K. Anthem, is absolutely
sick with its rawness and is a definite standout on the album. Other notables: 730, So
and Candy w/ Kelis.

As is obvious from this reviewer’s perspective, the album is loaded with great
songs cementing Foxy Brown‘s return.
Hopefully she is able to sustain the same “back to the street” groove
that the album evokes, and for her own sake and career, this Fox does not return to old habits.