After 2004’s stunning EP from the Mid-city emcee and NC producer, you just knew Murs and 9th Wonder were gonna give it another crack. Murs 3:16 displayed a chemistry between an emcee and producer usually reserved for longtime partners, not a duo’s first offering. Murray’s Revenge is basically more of the same dopeness, which isn’t too surprising as it was recorded at the same time as its predecessor.

Always and forever the every man emcee, Murs continues to rap about stuff that real people experience. He didn’t kill anyone or move any bricks recently, so he doesn’t rap about it. Clearly he had some trouble with an ex-girl playing petty games, so he airs it out on “Silly Girl” over something lovely from 9th. Never one to skimp on songs concerning women, he has it again on “Love & Appreciate” where he pens the pitfalls and rewards of a long term relationship. I’m sure you’ve all heard sympathy expressed for the abuse that light-skinned black girls receive, but Murs flips the script and shows love to the misunderstood “Dark Skin White Girls.” Just don’t get lost in 9th’s melt-in-your-mouth beat.

As he tends to, Murs shows his hometown some love on LA. And, as he tends to do, Murs does it better than most; “silicon or real, it don’t matter if she paid for it/every single trend you can probably thank LA for it/bandanas, face lifts, quick trips to Vegas/white t-shirt, Chuck Taylors or them K-Swiss/pop-lockin’, crip-walkin’, chronic blunts, g-funk/the place that everybody but ya gotta see once.”



9th is outstanding as always and showing more versatility than ever. Be it the triumphant “Murs Day,” the warbling “Murray’s Law,” the dancing keys on Barbershop or his classic soul on Yesterday & Today, 9th continues to fuel his growing reputation. This is one of those albums that just couldn’t possibly be bad, both artists are just too good. In particular, Murs is too likable to make bad music. He isn’t gonna blow your mind with flows or deliveries, he just brings an incredible perspective on all aspects of life with a stellar, linear style. Album number three please.