Dem Franchise Boyz are on top of their game. At least that’s what they claim. The group that came into the spotlight due to hits like I Think They Like Me brings On Top of Our Game with hopes to put So So Def back in the forefront of rap.

The beats are definitely what one would expect from DFB. Their lively deliveries match well with the crunk-style instrumentation.

The group also does a great job of creating catchy hooks. However, those hooks become annoying because it’s usually just one or two lines repeated over and over. Lean Wit’ It, Rock Wit’ It and Stop Callin’ Me” are just two examples of such unimaginative chorus ideas.

The lack of creativity continues with each emcee’s verses. DFB, for the most part, dips into horrible cliches quite often. Their lyrics do not go far beyond rims, purp, clubs and women. It wouldn’t be so bad if the group didn’t have such horrid attempts at similes:

“I keep white, keep purp like a crayon box.”

“The block is like a forklift. I tried to told ya.”

The weak attempts at punch lines and the overall lack of lyricism is apparent in almost every verse. Even the guests can’t save the group. The self-proclaimed King of the Trill, Bun B sure tries on My Music.” Dame Dash busts out with an unnecessary rant on Bricks 4 The High where Dipset fans will also find Jim Jones bragging about Seven jeans. His verse is damaged by fake Jeezy ad-libs. (Thaaaat’s Riight!) JD and Trey Songs also make appearances and their contributions are drowned out by the repetitive cliches the group brings on.

Honesty is something to be revered and these guys aren’t lying. They don’t claim to be revolutionary rhyme stylists and they don’t claim to be innovative artists. They repeatedly claim they make music for the clubs and the traps. But club-goers and trap-dwellers still need some substance in their music and D4L simply adds none to the mix. While they have a knack for hooks and heavy-club beats, it’s a shame to see no real thought involved in their lyrical displays. They may claim this is them on top of their game but the reality is they really need to step their game up.