They are hip-hop’s original frat boys. They are the crew that sets it off by spraying beer in your face. They will make you say ‘daaamn’ and they will make you say ‘awww shit.’ They just made their last album. After making their debut on King Tee’s I Got It Bad Y’all, Tha Alkaholiks have been turning parties out since their wild 1993 debut 21 & Over. Emcees Tash, J-Ro and emcee/producer/DJ E-Swift have represented Killa Cali by way of Ohio for 15 years. And while we demand that most artists evolve over the course of each album, Tha Liks have gotten a free pass to the same party over and over again.

In the span of their 5 albums the drunken trio have rarely gone beyond rapping about cracking 40’s, downing rum & coke’s, getting the girls naked, rocking a party and of course, their undying love for hip-hop. It may sound shallow and one dimensional, but the Likwit Crew OG’s have done their thing with a swagger and originality that has kept their music as refreshing as the first mouthful of an ice cold beer.

The album is fueled by the uber-catchy The Flute Song, not sounding all that dissimilar from something their east coast counterparts The Beatnuts would make. Hypnotic flute loop aside, it’s the hook that says it all; “You know you can’t party like us so stop tryin’/you know you ain’t shot nobody so stop lyin’/we like to get money, get drunk and smoke weed/Tha Alkaholiks nigga, just what the game need.” To little surprise, the album is loaded with kick-in-the-door party jams that are vintage Liks. From the time Turn It Up sets off the album through Popular Demand, The Get Down, Hangover, Party Your Ass Off and On The Floor.

Tha Liks have always had at least one off-kilter banger on their albums, and it has always been courtesy of longtime collaborator Madlib. But the Beat Conductor is noticeably absent here, and appropriately replaced by the indelible Danger Mouse who laces Chaos something stupid. Among the albums finest moments is the triumphant Do It which seems to be a perfect swan song at track 15. They do us one better though, and ride out they way they came in; with the legendary King Tee on Over Here.

Now in their 30’s and realizing the party will soon pass them by, Tha Liks are wisely making their last call and heading in their own directions. As a longtime fan, I can’t say I’m disappointed in their decision. They are going out the same way they came in; with a banging album that will get burn for years to come. I’m happy to have 5 dope albums to get wasted and party to…just like they intended from day one. Bartender…