Definition of Rollin’ Music: those pieces of music which you play in your ride and forget it’s there…but, still acknowledge the sound with the subtle head nod

With that said Jim Jones’ Diary Of A Summer is just that type of album with just that type of music. it takes you on a roll, a gangsta ride if you may…and with the Dipset it’s no telling where you will land. A tour of the hype and feel to be a balla ala’ Harlem…

The CEO DIPLOMAT plays his strengths…though a noted absence on the audio portion of the album is an appearance by Cam’ron…though Cam does pop up of course on the DVD video portion of the disk.

Of course luv is shown by Mr. Santana on Ride With Me as well as his blessings on Honey Dip featuring JR Writer and slept on R&B crooner, Latiff. Jim also reaches downsouth for some Houston flow from the people’s champ, Paul Wall, Jha Jha and Diddy on the cut What You Drankin’ On…this is a somewhat hyped track, it’s just missing something.

The track Harlem is a smooth running display of beat, melody and flow that allows the listener to take in the sights as Jim flows in his offhand casual way. Summer With Miami is a cut that is dropped a little late in summer but may have 2006 carry over with the slicked hook provided by Trey Songz, check out the HHDX Interview, and classic HHDX Review.

The DVD portion of the disk offers videos and additional audio remixes of the album…with commentary and antics by the whole Diplo crews. Material included is a Brand-new 11 minute Jim Jones documentary, Jim Jones Baby Girl/G’s Up video feat. Max B, Summer Wit Miami video feat. Trey Songz, Crunk Muzik video feat. Juelz Santana & Cam’ron, Get Down/The Best Out video feat. Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Hell Rell, JR Writer, 40.Cal, Bezel.

Unlike the last disk from Jim, this one has some bite and substance. Pick it up.