HHDX review by: The Remedy

Chemistry: the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of a substance.

What type of substance would get by combining two different properties, compositions, and structures? What happens when you mix the illest new producer and fuse it with a legendary MC? The reaction is definitely explosive. Chemistry, the new album from Little Brother‘s producer 9th Wonder and Boot Camp Click‘s general Buckshot.

On this venture we hear a rejuvenated Buckshot spit fierce lyrics over 9th Wonder’s trademark choppy soulful beats. For the majority of the album the concoction is successful. On “Keep Slippin” Buckshot spits fury,

“Now everybody got a label or a mixtape/but next week your back to your shift and break/niggas wanna get big overnight thinking that they lifting weights/huh this is far from a barbell this mic this mic stand represents our hell/and ya’ll fail every time you try/ and get a deal cause you feel from your skill you should now be signed/huh the bottom line is the bottom line/ do it right do it right or by the time you’ll be out of time/cause right now your nice what your giftin/ watch them hours and minutes don’t get caught slippin.”

Other standouts include “I Don’t Know Why”, “Side Talk”, and “Food For Thought”. Both of these artists’ respective crews make impressive appearances on the album.

“Birdz Fly The Coup” featuring Phonte and Keisha Coles is an interesting story about Hip Hops favorite topic, females; “Money Makes The World Go Round” features Starang Wondah.

“U Wondering” is a verbal slaughter by Buckshot, Big Pooh and Sean Price. The albums only shortcomings come with “Now A Dayz” and “Out Of Town” due to disappointing production.

On one of the albums interlude someone mentions you can’t force chemistry either it pops or it’s gonna be wack. This combination of Hip Hop’s elite definitely pops off like 4th of July fireworks. This formula combines to make a finished product that would make Madame Curie proud.