When you hang with Marshall Mathers a bit of the madness must rub off. But, as I played the other well recognized member of the Dirty Dozen’s album, Bizarre and his Hannicap Circus…I soon thought that maybe Mr. Mathers is the sane one of the group.

To begin with…this album will not go over well with women, homosexuals, animals, hell basically anybody who takes offense at someone who talks about fucking prostitutes with AIDS. The tatooed-bellied-shower-cap-wearing-motorcity-madman manages to cross lines that I thought couldn’t be crossed except by the worse type of gothic rap…here’s a taste from Fuck Your Life

“Yeah yeah, Bizarre smoke ganja, and got no problems/For ten hot dollars I’ll fuck your bitch at the cabana/VD, AIDS, that’s what Bizarre got/For ten thousand, Magic Johnson’ll give me a shot”

I think shock value was important for Bizarre with this CD because there is hardly a track where he doesn’t take a shot at something. Whether he is attempting to make a statement about or to modern society about tolerance through his flame firing lyrics…there is no denying that Bizarre put some work and thought into this album with production by PMG (“Let the Record Skip”), Eminem (Rock Star), and he gets mad feature love from Hi-Tek (I’m in Luv Witchu), Obie Trice (Doctor Doctor), Raphael Saadiq (Coming Home), Big Boi and Devin the Dude on the extreme “Porno Bitches, Eminem reappears on “Hip Hop” additional motor city love from the D-12 fam on the track “Nothing At All”.

Outside of some good but spotty production, Hannicap Circus is little more than shock value and comedy set over beats. I guess it depends on whether or not you find it funny.