For every Pop album that’s produced there is that one that you know you will hear everywhere….that’s the way it is with the Black Eyed Peas…their “world” music flair and their savvy commercialism has garnered them a spot in Hip Pop history….each song on this album can be blasted in the “IT” clubs from Bombay to LA.

With the first single released “Don’t Phunk with My Heart”, to the opening track on the album “Pump It”, which is my personal favorite…What film is that sample from?

Other cuts such as “My Style”, “My Humps”, and “They Don’t Want Music” which features the Godfather Of Soul, James Brown will create that much needed summer vibe that will have BEP pumping in cars, commercials and soundtracks late into next year. There’s no mistake that this is a club and party album…any deep thought or meaning will be left at the velvet rope.

“Pump It” should have been the first single to drop from this album…it melds urban music in a way not seen since the blending or R&B and Hip Hop, the sample from Pulp Fiction makes the cut and propels this song to future hot and sweaty club nights for the rest of the season. Plain and simple the song is dope. The album is again what has become expected of a group such as the Peas…though they add to their experimentation with Fergie‘s voice and overall production, the album itself lacks the freshness of Elephunk…this group has made its mark in the popular music world of the 21st Century…but this album kind of leaves you wanting for that next revelation from BEP

BEP can definitely “get it started”…when they first hit the airwaves it was fresh and new…now that they have the formula for getting people on their feet down…now BEP needs to concentrate on opening our minds to their lyrics…instead of just settling for mediocre writing that can equally match the production and energy that BEP delivers on stage and video.

Monkey Business leaves you like a hyped party that’s raided by the Po-Po just when the pretty girls arrive…