After a nearly 8-month delay due to bootlegging and some
other set backs Blacktrash has
finally been released. While Sticky
has always been Onyx‘s shining star
and is probably the best lyricist in gangsta rap, I was skeptical as to whether
he could pull off a solo joint without becoming tiresome. Thankfully, Sticky proved me wrong by greatly
expanding his lyrical horizons and using a fucking brilliant concept for the

The core of the album has 5 songs that make up a story, Why is done in conversation form and sets up Sticky‘s crime over a dope DJ
beat. The song ends with Sticky
killing his boy and then pleading to God, this leads to the next song Oh My God. Sticks spits some incredibly insightful lyrics about God and the
big questions in life, impressive shit. His court case is next, State vs. Kirk Jones, dope song, great
lyrics all around, Canibus is ill. Baby Brother and Cheatin‘ are songs about problems that he can’t control while in
prison, the latter is pretty blazing.

Sticky also establishes his
mentality before all these songs with the rowdy Come On, the Onyxish My Doggz Iz My Gunz and the mediocre Not Die’n. Sticky again shows his
lyrical talent on Money Talks when he
takes on the role of currency. What If I
Was White
is absolutely hilarious as Sticky
applies harmless stereotypes about white people to himself. Ghetto is amusing as well as he follows
a formula similar to Kardinal‘s and
points out what makes people ghetto.

Blacktrash did have some mistakes, What’chu Want is pretty weak and Licken Off In Hiphop tries to do too much.
Sister I’m Sorry is a ‘Pac quality ode to women but it is just
a little R&Bish for my tastes. Sticky Fingaz certainly has a lot more to
offer than he has shown (check the liner notes), this album showed a lot more
maturity than his Onyx showings. Sticky has the potential to be one of
the best emcees in Hip Hop instead of just in gangsta rap. He doesn’t need to
get rid of his grimy-ass lyrics (you have to love’em) but he just needs to
continue to become a well-rounded emcee and show his true potential. There
would be no stopping him.