Samuel L. Jackson a smooth young dashing Hollywood cast and a few Hip Hop stars thrown in for good measure makes the perfect blend for a great movie if the script is right. It also makes for a great soundtrack if the music is right.

In the case of Music from the Motion Picture Coach Carter the blend of music comes together pretty well.

The intro is a display from a young up and coming cat named Red Café but don’t get it twisted Red has been knocking out joints on the mix tape circuit for years. BK stand up. Red blazes the Kwame produced “All Night Long.”

He definitely delivers a good club joint if it can achieve the massive buzz that it deserves. The Game and Lil Scrappy flip “Southside” with a great deal of finesse. With one of the youngest pimps, Lil Scrappy, from the ATL under the tutelage of Lil Jon and the next nigga to blow, The Game, under Mr. you know fucking who, Dr. Dre, the combination simply creates what is called…a rap. Nuff said.

The lead single with Twista and Faith entitled “Hope” is definitely a classic song. The disc brings an array of new artist that are on the way up as well Ak’Sent is a chick that sounds like she’s spitting as if her life depends on it.

Being hungry is a beautiful thing in Hip Hop. CzarNok another new cat comes through on “Beauty Queen” as does Van Hunt on “Your Love (Is The Greatest Drug I’ve Ever Known)” and LeToya shines on “What Love Can Do.”

You will also be treated to Fabolous, Mike Shorey, Chingy, Kanye West, Common, Mack 10, Da Hood and the St Lunatics on the soundtrack. They all do what they do semi-well but nowhere near as good what they are known for. I just felt that this one belonged to the newcomers. Get at me. 1.