Trick Daddy: Thug Matrimony Married To The Streets…Inviting, entertaining, real, different and true as well as invigorating is the only way to describe the only way to describe that thug nigga from the County of Dade, Trick Daddy.

Ever since “Nann Nigga,” Trick has been consistent in putting out a steady stream of hits. Not only is he a funny nigga, he’s so real that you got to respect his demeanor. The latest hotness from Trick is the Lil Jon produced heater “Let’s Go” and if you ain’t hopping off this joint when you in the club you must be lethargic. But the disc invites us to a lot more than “Let’s Go.” “Fuckin Around” is Southern Hospitality in a very clear setting. Hot track, hot flows from Trick, TI and Young Jezzy and Kase-1 all combine for a banger indeed.

On “I Wanna Sang” and “The Children’s Song” Trick doesn’t miss a beat when he attempts to do his traditional gig, which displays Trick as he talks to the kids. He always pushes the message to the children full force and does a respectful and truthful job, nuff respect. “Sugar”(Gimme Some) featuring Ludacris and Cee-Lo is some old smoothed out Southern flavor that shines through. Get some of that sugar on ya tounge. It doesn’t get better than this.

“Ménage a Trois” showcases Smoke from Field Mob and Money Mark and Trick blazes through his verse with that pimp talking slick shit that just knocks. It’s what one has come to expect from the Trick master. This dude is straight hood. Ya gotta love it.

Ron Isley appears on “I Cry.” Trick just keeps coming through. You can hear the feeling in his notes and vocals through every heartfelt track that he delivers. If you can’t feel the realness and pain and feeling on this one you must be lacking a soul. Love or hate Trick one has to admit that what he does as well as what he stands for gets him plenty of dap. When it comes to putting out solid Hip Hop mixed with soulfully southern scriptures and vibes, Trick’s sound is raw as well as sweet but only in a true thug’s way.