Let it be known that some things are just not meant to come to fruition. After the first installment of The Best Of Both Worlds, fans and Hip Hop afficianados alike all reveled in the fact that the second installment should have never been done. For the most part it was a conscious decision on the Jigga man’s part to create this vehicle and extend to the public the heat that him and the R were capable of delivering. In the end the project has caused nothing but problems that has now birthed a lawsuit geared towards Jay-Z. Truth be told Jigga doesnt need R to sell records and vice versa. We were all happy just being treated to the occasional guest appearances of the two on various tracks, but when you have strong business-minded souls that vision the unvisionable the outcome can be crucial.

On this installment of the two superstars vision to do the unthinkable, Unfinished Business falls way short. Now I am admitedly, probably the biggest Jigga fan on the planet. But I have never wanted the collaboration of an entire disc showcasing these two artists. Mainly because I was more that content with what was already being offered to the masses on both of their parts and secondly because a big ego is a muthafucker and when you put two strong ego’s together the combustion that it can create is undeniably chaotic in most cases.

The disc opens with “The Return” and the tracks lackluster appeal is the opening flavor for your tastebuds and this a a perfect example for the rest of what the album may do to ones palette. ‘Big Chips” is the one track that may fool you into copping the album. The track is strong but it would have stood better as a classic collabo between the 2 artists on either one of their latest albums and not as a lead single for an entire album from the 2 icons. “We Got Em Goin” and “She’s Coming Home With Me” all resemble the original “Fiesta” but don’t sound as refreshing, viscious or classical as the original. By the time I reached “Stop” I really wanted to turn the dissapointing disc off, but being the fan I am a suffered through the rest of what should have never been. Now don’t get it twistred Jigga in my opinion is still the one of the best lyricicsts this game will ever see but sometimes that ain’t enough. Foxy Brown does make the latter part of the joint listenable though. Even with guest appearances by the likes of cats like Twista on “Mo’ Money,” the disc still does not do it for me.

Now, what I thought was probably the most inspiring joint on the disc was the rebirth of Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick on the disc outro “The Return (Remix).” Now it’s not that the track is so sick that I had to rewind it several times every time I hear it but it was the thought of paying homage to Rick and Doug that I appreciated. Anyway, add this one to your collection only if you have the whole Jigga collection to begin with . If not let it slide cause it’s not what you think it is. Jigga you still my nigga, holla.