The term a long time coming certainly applies to Wordsworth. One of Brooklyn’s finest made his mark at the legendary lyricist lounge in 1997, and went on to impress on cameos with Tribe and Blackstar. After a disappointing EP with Punchline and being a co-creator/writer/star of MTV’s Lyricist Lounge show, Words has kept fans hungry with stunning guest spots and blazing singles. Out to prove he is more than just a battle-ready emcee killer, Words is making “Mirror Music,” a true refection of self.

Words takes his slick flow and multi-syllable rhymes and applies it to a bevy of subject matters over quality production from Ayatollah, Da Beatminerz, Oddisee and others. Words actually proves to be at his best when speaking on heartfelt issues. “Shoulder,” “Be A Man,” Trust,” and the icing “Guardian Angel” are among the best songs of the album. “Trust” in particular is food for thought as Words delves into how his daughter’s birth has changed his outlook on women.

What makes Words so good is that content is only a part of the game as he can steal your attention with his style and rhyme concepts. “Fast Lane” is a great example of that, and “Evol” featuring Masta Ace and Justin Time is even better. Just check the wordplay; “In the car she asked what up with us?/I said its all good, I ain’t in love but I do see an us in lust/she said there’s us in trust/and in her eyes there’s been an us since she had a crush/replied there’s an us in rush /responded there’s an us in must/on the up and up you can get out and walk cause there’s an us in bus/enough’s enough told her there’s an us in fuss/think of us and hush or there won’t be an us to discuss”

Flawless storytelling is another strength, whether it just be a great narrative such as “One Day”, or an autobiographical rhyme like “Gonna Be.” Concept driven tracks like “Twelve Months” are just as dope as the more battle driven work such as “What We Gon Do” and “Right Now.” There are very few missteps here, which is damn impressive over 18 songs (plus 2 bonus). “Not Fair” featuring Punchline is pretty disappointing, “Run” has some mediocre production, but other than that I really can’t complain. I’ve been waiting on this album for mad long and I’ve gotten plenty of burn from it over the past month. For those who don’t know that Wordsworth is one of the most talented emcees alive, just find out what his words are worth.