Easy children/Queens is in the building/That blank look on ya grill’ll get filled in/Slow down baby you actin like a clown homes/You get ya fronts remodeled like a brownnstone – L.L. Cool J “Shake It Baby”

Queens is in the building !!! Stand the fuck up!!! Don’t even get it twisted and think that the iconic pioneers of this game can’t dance lyrically anymore. One just might get the shit slapped outta them for thinking such a thing, or at the least, get themselves into a battle that they simply can not win. James Todd Smith is back again and honestly he’s the nicest in his age bracket and then some. The Definition is an array of melodic, risky and thoughtful music that steps through the Hip-Hop porthole and remains current on every track.

We have all had the pleasure of experiencing “Headsprung” on the dance floor and the outcome is stimulating. Well get ready for my pick at the second single and video. “I’m about to get her,” featuring R. Kelly is a shoe in. The best thing about the radio ready and stereotypical R&B/Hip-Hop track is that it is done to perfection and flows with ease over the ears. Plus, Teddy Riley produced it and it just slips past sounding recycled. L.L. is that nigga.

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“Every Sip,” is bananas. An intoxicating hook, sang by Candice Nelson and production by Virginia’s finest, Timbaland, produces another bankable piece of music. “Shake It Baby,” is L.L at his finest just spitting that shit he spits. A lot of showboating is on this club joint and L has the right to boast. Shit he’s been here for 20 years strong and is still current. Can anyone name me one artist who’s doing that? That’s what I thought, no one.

“Can’t explain it,” is melow, smooth and the “I need love” of 2004. Grab you a mami and get close and grind out on this one.

At the end of the day L.L. has given us timeless music as well as the new entities of his James Todd Smith clothing line and a resume of box office hit movies that will last a lifetime. He is undeniably one of the best to ever do it. Farmers Boulevard for life. I’ll always ride wit you L. 1