Remember that NYC emcee who debuted on the legendary Main Source posse cut “Live At The BBQ”? He killed the beat with his flow, killed his verse, what a way to start a career. What ever happened to him? Well he either became Nas, or he became Akinyele. While Ak certainly can’t complain about the privilege of his debut, but did Nas really have to bring it like that and steal the show? In fact, Ak is less known for that song than he is for his cult classic ode to oral sex “Put It In My Mouth.” Most don’t even remember his “Vagina Diner” album on Interscope produced almost entirely by Large Pro.

So here is Eastern Conference Records picking up the pieces. No doubt fans of his smut filled raps, Milo and Eon (smut peddlers in their own right), have released an album full of Ak’s lost tracks (from 90 to 94), and even a few new bangers. In the mix as always is Large Pro, with three tracks carried by his production. Among those is “Murder,” a sinister reggae infused track that Ak destroys with his aggressive delivery. “In The World” and “Break A Bitch Neck” are vintage Extra P boom bap. The latter comes in the form of the original and a remix (by Large Pro), and features Kool G Rap. DITC’s Buckwild lends his classic NYC flavor on “Yo,” which Ak really takes to town with his trademark enunciation. Joining the NY vets on the boards is J-Zone and his show stealing production. “Ak-Nel” is pretty damn fresh, but “Bonus” is absolutely fucking bananas. This is not only the Zone’s finest beat to date (which is saying a lot), but one of the best songs I’ve heard all year cause Ak rips it with a vengeance to boot.

Plenty of other moments display why Ak was one of the most slept on emcees of the 90’s. His Spanish “Juan Valdez” is just too funny, while “Stay Wild” “Fly Away” and “Enter” prove his rugged delivery deserves mention among Freddie Foxxx and M.O.P. This is really some essential listening for those who don’t own an Akinyele record. He was one of two many emcees whose legacy (or lack thereof), is not at all representative of what he brought to the table. Ak’s raw intensity could leave you breathless and get you in the mood to go crash a party and start a mosh pit on unwilling spectators. Put it in your deck.