Chilltown, New York City? Hell Yeah! See, one has got to have a veteran air about themselves to remember when New York was considered Chilltown. If you are under 30 you probably don’t remember that bit of slang used to represent the 5 boroughs of one of the most intriguing cities in America. Oh Well. That’s why we call yall Young’ns.

Erick Sermon is no young buck. He has been creating and maintaining his own branded style of Hip Hop for over 15 years. He came from EPMD and grew into a Def Squadian along with his cohorts in music Redman and Keith Murray. Erick has also become a constantly sought after producer and solo artist over the years. All of his hard work and efforts should be respected without question.

It’s cool that E dub is still around and doing his best to bang out hot joints, and sadly on full solo albums he doesn’t always shine. Now make no mistake E is always good for at least one surefire banger on the solo tip at least once a year. “Music” and “React” were hot cuts in any spot so don’t get it twisted E can make hits. On his newest release Sermon shines on “Relentless” where he spits the plain and simple truth about this actor filled art form we are all still trying to preserve called Hip Hop.

“Chillin” featuring Talib Kweli and Whip Montez rings some bells too. The “Matrix” skit is wicked, in Erick‘s best Morpheus voice he explains that if one takes the blue pill the story ends and they sell no records. Just like Erick Sermon, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Smilez and Southstarr but, if you take the red pill you stay in wonderland and sell units like Maroon 5, Slayer, Hillary Duff or Reuben Studdard. It’s all done in fun but it does make one think. Overall I can’t say this is one I would have ran out and purchased but E Dub will always be worth a listen if you are a true fan of Hip-Hop.