There is no denying that when Puff decides to put his foot in something that some hotness is always sure to come out of it. With Living Legends nothing has changed. The only difference is that Puff probably did not have to put his foot in this one. 8 Ball and MJG have been doing this rap shit just as long as Puff. but the combination still works. The first single off 8 Ball and MJG’s latest release Living Legends is simply heat fa sho. “You Don’t Want Drama” is a testement to the skills of two Southern cats who show why they are the Legends that they are being called. If anybody can get the crowd moving and crunk out a club The Legends can probably do it better that a lot of others and have been doing it for some time so the title Living Legends is well deserved.

“Look At The Grillz” features the now incarcerated TI and Twista and a display of the old southern quick twanging that if you dont move to you must be dead. It is simply another track about cars but it’s hot none the less.

“Shot Off’ with Ludacris is dedicated to all those loud talking niggas who are shot out and keep shouting off nonsense. You know the type in the neighborhood who continually talks shit.

“When it’s On” and “Baby Girl” both feature Diddy himself and both tracks are just average. Nothing to scream home about but a good try none the less.

Looking for some long lasting, mind blowing, stimulating, forever hot songs on this disc is probably not going to happen for you unless you simply grew up listening to these cats and they are your favorite artists. There is some heat on the disc that will leave an impression and the Legends deserve the right to show some of the newer young guns how its done, but overall the disc is just average.And on a good note, 8 Ball and MJG will probably add another plaque to their wall with this one. This disc just goes to show you that hip hop fans can and will stand behind their artist if they feel the truth coming from them over the years. Keep riding niggas, we still listening.