After building a steady fan base with guest appearances and a stream of steady 12″ singles Afu Ra‘s highly anticipated album was put on hold with the collapse of Gee Street Records.

As it turns out, the hype and anticipation was well deserved as The Body of the Life Force is one of the top albums of the year 2g. A third of the albums production is handled by the one and only Preemo as he brings the goods on tracks like Defeat and Monotony. On both of the aforementioned tracks Afu Ra flows brilliantly and brings vocabulary rich lyrics that might lose some listeners. This trend is evident throughout the entire album.

The gem of the album is without a doubt D & D Soundclash, a blazing Beatminerz track that features one of the best samples that I have ever heard. Not to be overlooked are Soul Assassination, which starts the album off with a thump and the brilliant Self Mastery. Part of the Clan rolls through for this one and neither the Gza or Masta Killa could’ve have been more complimentary to their respective songs, Big Acts, Little Acts, and Mortal Kombat.

Very appropriately, the album finishes on a strong note with Whirlwind Thru Cities, which has a nice piano back drop and what I believe is an old Blackmoon sample. The only real missteps here are Caliente, which disrupts the flow of the album and Bring It Right. Afu Ra is definetely on the up, he drops plenty of knowledge in his positive rhymes and brings a refreshing sound to hip hop. This one is worth checking, no doubt.