The original Project Blowed stands to this day as one of the best compilations ever made. In 1995, as the hip-hop scene was becoming saturated and stagnant, Project Blowed was strikingly innovative, passionate and just plain dope. The second installment is once again spearheaded by Aceyalone, but boasts a slightly different supporting cast as well as some special guests (Rakaa Iriscience, Grouch, PSC, Casual, Ahmad, Pep Love and more). The Good Brothers are back and they are looking to pick up where they left off some 8 years ago.

It is hard not to compare this LP with their previous effort, which is unfortunate because the only real flaws in “The Good Brothers” come in that comparison. While the original came off as one long studio session with everyone adding to the vibe the entire session, this album does not. Not to say this isn’t a cohesive effort – it certainly is – but it just does not possess the same vibe. It also isn’t quite as infectiously eclectic as its predecessor. The comparisons are impossible to avoid, but lets try and forget about all that because this album is dope no matter how you slice it.

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The first thing that many will notice is the near absence of Fat Jack, producing just two tracks. Thankfully, both the electro-funkish “Lolita” and the smoothed out “GB in Your Life” are dope. The latter features Aceyalone and Abstract Rude, who are always up to the task of blessing a Fat Jack beat. Producer/emcee Riddlore takes the reigns for most of the album, offering a diverse pallet of tasty dishes. Flipping beats from the starry “Lockin In” to the dancehall inspired “CommUnity.” He was just warming up there, the “hip-hip/be-bop intergenerational jam” called “Hey Ladies” is even better. Both Aceyalone and Riddlore tear it down. “Diggin’ Through My Records” is his hardest serving, but it’s the great Devin the Dude sample that makes this song what it is. His best comes with his complete solo offering “When You See Me,” a crazy beat that is only matched by his flow, which is just as bananas.

There are several other contributions made that will surely catch your ears. Living Legends Grouch and PSC team up with Aceyalone to nice results on “Good, Bad, Ugly.” The trio of Acey, Pep Love and Ahmad probably tops that with “Give It Here” however. Awol One’s dismantling of Tray-Loc’s flipping of Peter Gabriel’s “Shock the Monkey” on “She Dances Wicked.” Rjd2 lends a beat to “Rock With Us.” Excellent as always, his guitar riffs and classic horns fuel Rakaa and Aceyalone nicely. “Do The Math” a hard PMG beat rocked over by Aceyalone and Cypher 7 is another definite standout.

The common factor of this album is Aceyalone consistently being the exceptional emcee that he is. This marks his fourth album of 2003 and he has not gotten nearly the credit he deserved. Here the Project Blowed patriarch appears in all but 5 songs and brings the heat in every instance. Nearly ten years after the original, Aceyalone and the Project Blowed collective once again prove they are some good brothers making good music.