There was a time you could catch Chauncey Hawkins at the corner of 123rd and Lenox Ave. just like any other warm-blooded Harlemite. But that was all before Loon’s buzz-worthy mixed tape appearances, the smash cameo on P. Diddy’s hit “I Need A Girl” and his own breezy single “Get To Know.” Now, your best bet catching Loon is either on MTV or on a magazine spread, donning Sean John fashions. The sources of the camera’s infatuation with the 27-year-old are obvious: he’s well-groomed, well-dressed and comes with Puffy’s well wishes.

The only problem is that it’s questionable as to whether or not Loon’s time was well-spent in the studio recording his self-titled debut. Blending Mase’s cheek-pinchable voice with the peppiest beats anywhere –Buckwild, Poke and Tone and Bink are just a few of the album’s producers– Loon proves more conducive for the work-out club than the nightclub. It’s true that the jumpy first single, “How You Want That,” the Aaron Hall-featured “Things You Do” and the giddy “Hey Woo” with Missy may find their way onto urban radio rotation. But after an intoxicating listen or two, you’ll wonder why.

Like Fabolous, Juelz Santana and Murphy Lee just before him, Loon’s got the confident, metaphor-flipping skills down pat -“Story” and “Don’t Wanna Die” are admirable pieces of NY picture-painting–he’d just rather concentrate on getting the ladies back to his bedroom. And we’re okay with that for now–just as long as Loon occasionally spits a little lyrical flame while spitting so much game.