Bubba’s sophomore CD dropped this past September. I was wrong to sleep on this Southern boy. Deliverance is just too hot not to review. I agree with Vibe that’s Bubba’s latest is “a gem.” It’s Organized Noize (they produced three tracks) meets Timbaland (he produced the rest). Bluegrass takes a walk on the soul side. On his first CD, Dark Days, Bright Nights Bubba was playful and seemed to be making fun of his country ass. This time around, he convinces us he takes this rap shit seriously. The reason Bubba is more likeable is because he shows us he’s like everyone else, not a mud-slingin’ farmer who rides tractors (though he might be that, too). He’s struggled, slept on couches and met someone who knew someone that knew Timbaland and, through a combination of luck, talent and determination, got put on. He has achieved his version of the American Dream.

He’s not going to continue to capitalize on a gimmick (“Ugly,” the song/video) either, or the novelty of his being from Georgia or his whiteness. He’s putting his songwriting skills on the front line: “One for the pleasure, two for the sin. Three for the family we could’ve been. Had I not been so concerned with this life of spoken words. Couldn’t begin to undo what’s done deep within know that you must run. Far away from the thought of my smile and the broken dream of us walking down the aisle”(from “She Tried”).

Enough about Bubba the rapper. Deliverance is crazy hot because Timbaland’s beats are some of the funkiest he’s created to date. He hits us with six banging tracks right away, “Jimmy Mathis,” “Coming’ Round,” “She Tried,” “Nowhere” featuring Kiley Dean, “Overcome” and “Warrant.” The title track also ain’t nothing to f**k with. Whether it’s his eclectic samples or head noddin’ drum patterns, Timbaland touches us deep down in our souls. His beats hypnotize. Then Organized Noize gets OutKast on us for “Like It Or Not.” This CD is party material, to cruise to in your car or just to chill to. What Dre did for Eminem, Timbaland has done for Bubba. Tim blessed Bubba with hot beats and together they created an excellent album.