After shining on Bonecrushers hit single “Never Scared,” 22 year old TI has released his debut CD Trap Muzik. The first single “24’s” is catching major heat on MTV2 and BET. The disc is a display of another artist’s description of life in the hood. The dirty south sound is all over the disc. Lots of bounce and bang for the buck. But lets not get it confused TI is not glorifying his experiences; he’s just letting the world know what they are. Some of the hottest production on the disc comes from Jazze Pha on “Let’s Get Away.” This smooth concoction of music is filled with subtle keys and horns and the Jazze Fizzle Trademark hooks in the form of smooth vocals. TI spits about getting a room and chilling with women of all denominations. There is no discrimination in this brother’s resume. TI seemingly shines on realistic heartfelt tracks like “I Still LoveYou,” where he talks about hurting his babies mama and not having his Father in his life and not claiming one of his children. He talks about such deep issues and releases himself in a therapeutic fashion. The result is good music.

Finding ones niche in this game is a valuable asset that many artists miss. TI has placed a bunch of his characters on this album only to come up short on a few and score big on others. The outcome of the release is a good-natured effort for a young artist and should keep the doors open for him and his Grand Hustle family to do more of the same. Create Music, find and enjoy a different quality of life.

TI also shines on “Rubberband Man” where the backdrop of a kiddy made na na na hook meshes perfectly with his definition of exactly what a Rubberband man is. At the end of the day TI will be a Southeastern force to be reckoned with and he should have a little longevity in this game. He is a young man who may blossom into a full grown artist that will bring something different to the masses each time he steps out of the gate. Keep ya ears peeled to the radio because you will hear more of this cat…at least that’s the mission TI hopes to accomplish.