The “Freaky Tales” of wild sexual escapades, pimpin’ and hyper-masculine braggadocio has been one of Too Short’s calling cards throughout his storied career. Yet and still, his appropriately titled The Sex Tape Playlist is playing it safe regardless of how worn the mackin’ wheels have become. Serving as the third segment of a tetralogy before his twentieth and “final” The Pimp Tape, the eleven-track project doesn’t do much to build anticipation with its forgettable locker room talk.

As mixtape opener “Can’t Take Her” featuring Bay Area notable Ymtk begins with Short jabbering, “I’m just tryin to find me a winner/Take her somewhere and put 9 up in her” alongside “I keep my whip my shit is too clean/Still pimpin’ on a bitch same routine” sets the bar very low for the rest of this bedroom terrorizer.

Tripling down those themes, the lone aspect separating each track is the fairly middle-of-the-road production transitioning primarily between trap and hyphy soundscapes. If “Can’t Take Her” is grounded in a traditional trap instrumental, following track “Dance Like You Fuckin’” is pure modern Yay Area as Sir Todd Shaw comically cringe-worthy rhymes “she too wild for you better get back/She’ll break yo dick tryin’ to hit that/Fuck around and get yo shit cracked.” The monotony continues on the similarly local sounding “10 Bad Bitches” featuring Stressmatic. Mid-filler track “Don’t Suck Dick” becomes the worst offender as he spits “You probably full of shit, bitch/You use to be lit” for an unnamed woman’s inability to put a dick in her mouth.

As, The Sex Tape Playlist comes near a close, later track “New Bitch” does show a bit of depth both in rhyme and musical ends as Short lends an interesting verse over the project’s closest boom-bap moment. In fact, it sort of feels out-of-place as a more well-produced album cut. The same goes for “Feelin’ Somethin” where Short transitions between standard rap drug intake talk and insightful drug policy rhymes.

Solid beat selections aside, The Sex Tape Playlist honestly sound like throwaway joints that didn’t make the cut for his “final” album. Who knows? That being said, consider this mixtape to sit near the very bottom of Too Short’s vast and quality-filled catalog.

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