From the start of her career in 2013, Junglepussy has excelled with her one-of-a-kind wit. Her last album, Pregnant With Success, was met with critical acclaim for its lyricism and artistry. With Jp3, the New York-bred artist builds off her smart and unapologetically sexy swagger while proving that she’s at the top of her game.

The production is mostly handled by Shy Guy and Sporting Life who have given Junglepussy the funky, soulful textures that accentuates her assertive flow. While the album opener “State of the Union” is fiery, the majority of Jp3 is sensual and smooth.

In the current musical landscape, there’s no shortage of sexually explicit fodder. But rarely is this topic treated with the depth or good sense of humor that appears on Jp3. On tracks like “Long Way Home” and “Trader Joe,” she finds clever and inventive ways to push the sexual envelope. Featuring Three 6 Mafia veteran Gangsta Boo, “Long Way Home” has one of the more overt line on the entire album — “Feelin’ the dick all up in my armpit.” Turning the tables on sexual power dynamics is a recurring theme. Light and poppy album highlight “Trader Joe” opens with her rapping, “I think I like him more than I like Trader Joe’s, I’ll swallow kids if he start eatin’ vegetables.” In a similar vein, the felatio banger “I Just Want It” is about her teasing a man just to receive oral sex. She repeats, “Wanna fuck me so bad, but you never gonna,” mocking how she’s fooling her lover.

Jp3 also sees Junglepussy venturing into mellower vibes. “All Of You” is a throwback funky song with a well-polished hook that’s ripe for radio, while “Ocean Floor” has a tender touch with soft piano keys and faint trumpets. Capping out at thirty minutes, the album has no wasted moments or filler. Each hook, rhyme, and righteously funny innuendo is treated with a high level of craft. The short and pleasurable ride ends with “Showers” — a sunny track that finishes the project on a high note. Over guitar strums, a simple bass riff, and drums, Junglepussy gets introspective and poetic — “Then I got some good loving, and I thought that it would ease the pain, Scars on my body-ody, cutting like decorations.”

With Jp3, Junglepussy has successfully pushed her artistry forward without sacrificing the personality that established her as a dynamic force. Although her crass content isn’t meant for everyone and she has yet to have a proper crossover moment, the sophistication of this project demonstrates her underrated status is just moments from being erased.