I do a lot of reviews and I’m constantly showing’ niggas love. Some nigga don’t even deserve the love they get but I love Hip Hop so I try to give respect to anyone trying their best to represent this art form. After listening to DMX’s 5th and some say final release Grand Champ, there will be no more love to niggas who are just plain trash. I live breath and eat this Hip Hop shit and if you hate me for telling the world that you should never touch a mic again, then eat a dick.

DMX is that nigga. Grand Champ explores more of the same inner feelings of the dig that’s been heard on all of his albums. The intro “Dog Intro” explains the Dog as simple as he can be explained. Don’t trust niggas cause their loyalty level is low. The single that’s burning up the streets “Where The Hood At’ is a street banger. X is not one of the most lyrical animals when it comes to a dictionary of verbal linguistics but he does spit the truth and his soul is on deck on every track he makes. The Kanye west Produced “Dogs Out” is just one of them tracks that makes a nigga wanna spit some angry shit, which is exactly what X does.

“Shot Down” featuring 50 Cent and Styles P is heavy on the lyrics but lacks in the production department. “Untouchables” is straight fire with Syleena Johnson on the hook. Sheek is that next D-Block nigga, Infa-Red is the new kid on the block and Drag-On is back in the lab on this one as well.

“Were Back” showcases Eve and Jadakiss and reminds you slightly of how the Double R did shit when they first kicked in the door.

With 23 tracks on the album the X falls short in some areas but we can see X’s upcoming possible departure from street Hip Hop on “Thank You” featuring Patti LaBelle. X preaches through verses and praises Jesus all the way. You can feel his spirituality on this one. He follows the track with what every DMX album, if it didn’t have, wouldn’t be complete…”The Prayer V.”

X is that nigga simply because you have never seen the game change him. Fuck a fad, fuck what’s supposed to be hot, fuck what the labels say and fuck the haters. X is and will always be the dog.