Chicago’s own, M A E S T R O, best known for his role as “Randy” on The Wire, as well as his role on 2018’s Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G, has obvious intent to add that dual threat notch on his belt with his his debut project, Wav God.

As the sole producer of each song, M A E S T R O describes the EP’s style of music as having “hyper-modern hypnotic production,” which is a very accurate description for the project’s sound. The intro gears the listener up for a fun project chock-full of flexing and turn-up records. The self-proclaimed deity raps “I’m a young goat/I should probably go and retire, these niggas on my dick cuz they watch me up on The Wire/I pull up to your city my face all up on the flyers with a bad yellow bitch she look just like Mariah.”

Wav God’s overall makeup does teeter a tad bit on the repetitive side in regards to content, but there is great variety showcased in the production. On a few songs, you find yourself marveling more at the beat, rather than what than what is actually being rapped, which is a testament to the good production but also a sign that the lyrics leave a lot to be desired. M A E S T R O’s skillset shines best on a record like “Which One Which,” that has an infectious instrumental akin to “Bentley Truck” from Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz’s album. M A E S T R O finds a catchy pocket on the hook where he boasts “Walk in the dealership flex on a bitch like/Which one which one which, uh/Carats all on my wrist, huh/Diamonds don’t rinse, they drip/Walk in the club and I pick out a bitch like Which one which one which.”

Closing these strongly with “Check Up,” a melody-driven banger that is easily one of the better efforts of the five presented. Lyrics aside, the Chi-town representative does deliver a few high-quality grooves without any feature assistance, highlighting his ability to carry a dope record on his own.

As far as individuality goes, the songs fall a bit short in separating M A E S T R O from any other mainstream artist eating off this current “wav” of music that Lil Uzi Vert is seemingly spearheading. That being said, his skill as a producer and ability to integrate melodies, there definitely is great potential moving forward for an even bigger splash.