Talib Kweli and DJ Hitek aren’t everyday household names in the rap game. To most people they are unknown. But, for the real hip hop listeners, these two names ring a bell. They can be grouped in the same category as Common, MosDef, and Slum Village, which for most people are considered underground.

Representing New York, Talib brings the same spiritual essence he displayed on the BlackStarr album. To say Talib is a wordsmith is an understatement, as he bends and blends rhymes better than anybody in the game. The lead single Move Something is as commercial as this album gets as horns blare over top of a thumping bass line combined with Kweli’s smooth but aggressive flow.

The beats on Train of Thought are all done by Hitek. To simply put it, they are all banging. Dj Hitek brings it back to the days where an old sample and a deep bass line were all it took to make a hit. To quote one line from Kweli would not do him any justice as the whole album should be a quote. The only down side to Train of Thought is that it is too intelligent for hip hop fans and will probably be slept on like every other album that doesn’t talk about “ice ,money, guns ,drugs, and bling bling.”



For anybody looking for something refreshing and mind stimulating, this album is a must have.