For those who don’t know, the Analog Brothers aren’t exactly newcomers, the group consists Ice T (Ice Oscillator), Mark Moog, Silver Synth, Rex Roland and who is that fifth guy? Well, it’s Kool Keith, but under what alias? He is not Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Mr. Gerbick, Robbie Analog, Black Elvis, Keith Turbo, Willie Biggs, Clean Man, Reverand Tom, Sinister 6000, Green Man, Rhythm X, Poppa Large, or Fly Ricky the Winetaster, he is Keith Korgg.

The problem with this album is the same as most offshoot groups, the stars steal the show. This is especially evident because Keith and Ice-T dominate the first half of the album and then sort of disappear on the second. Never fear, Keith and Ice T bring the goods as you would expect.

The Ice Oscillator
does an incredible job of switching up his style to fit in with the others, he sounds like he took six months of classes at the Kool Keith Thorton Academy when he spits the super-scientifc rhymes ala Keith Korgg. Don’t get me wrong though Ice T isn’t biting.

, as always, sticks to his personality of the day and kicks his hilarious threats and ridiculous braggadocio. Keith starts the album off proper on Analog Technics where he kicks rhymes like, walkin’ buck naked with gloves throwin’ feces at celebrities at the Billboard awards, songs like More Freaks and Analog Annihilator vs. Silver Surfer have that Dr. Oct sound to them, which is always welcome.

So Bad, Bionic Oldsmobile and Country Girl are all pretty dope songs that will keep the listener’s undivided attention. But tracks like 2005, Who Wanna Be Down, War and Double Back just don’t get the job done.

All in all this is an entertaining album, and for obvious reasons. As good as the two vets made the album, they really hurt it when they weren’t around. That spaced out sound that has worked for Kool Keith so many times just doesn’t work well when he isn’t around. The album tends to drag because of that. By the end of the album I found myself just listening to songs to hear Kool Keith, if you are a fan of his then this album is a must as he remains largely entertaining.