Gloating seems to be serving him well these days, as Snoop Dogg is as full as a tick, back
at full throttle and for the first time in his illustrious Hip Hop existence,
calling all the shots on his fifth solo effort. Gone is Dre, gone is P, as Big Snoop has truly Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$.

His venture outside of his normal Westside parameters is
admirable and very noticeable, with the contagious Neptunes produced lead single, “From the Chuuuch To Da Palace,”
clearing the path for his newfound territorial manifestation. Snoop‘s potential was never an issue,
but his heart at one point (The Doggfather, Da Game…), was. But Snoop seems re-energized by his
independence and the delivery that captured the hearts of America extended, is
fluid as a motion offense.

His bark is ever impressive on the funk riddled “Stoplight,” and his bite,
surprisingly ferocious on the venomous “Pimp Slapped,” an ode to his favorite
former employer. Snoop‘s union with The Neptunes proves ideal, in that they
make more good music together on the club ready “Beautiful,” featuring Pharrell and Uncle Charlie Wilson. But then again, nabbing the most sought
after, dependable neoteric beat makers in the industry does not prove too much
in retrospect.

As is his custom, Snoop‘s throwback
on this LP is “Paper’d Up.” Dipping this time into the Eric B. & Rakim files with an uninspired remix of “Paid In
Full.” Although this isn’t as bad as the insipid “Wasn’t Your Fault.” The two
personalities of Paid Tha Cost To Be Da
are as obvious as Snoop‘s
image and balance, or lack thereof, as an urban icon.

Where his interests in validating his street cred may have faded, he soars when
thinking outside the box. So go, “Lollipop,” “I Miss That Bitch” and “Batman
and Robin” serving their intended purpose and proving an old Dogg can learn new tricks.