Why weren’t these versions of songs by 2 Pac released earlier? Better Days is truly some of Pac‘s best work. Now I don’t know if it’s because some of the beats have been revamped or just because people are hungry to work on Pac‘s music now that he’s dead. Either way the double disc showcases some of Pac‘s better days.

He speaks directly to the World. Better Days Featuring Mr. Biggs Ron Isley, is a testament to just that. It was recorded right after Pac’s stint in prison. It is soulful and touching. This is Tupac at his best. When We Ride On Our Enemies was meant to scar artists like the Fugees, Mobb Deep and Da Brat. The anger was prevalent in the notes of the song. It shows Pac‘s meaner side. Now I know some of these joints leaked out on the underground circuit, but they still bang. Fuck Em All has that Cali bounce feel to it and showcases the Outlaws who seem to only sound hot when they’re with Pac. Never Be Peace is laid over a haunting track reminiscent of some horror flick type samples. The title is self-explanatory; there will be no peace, until we, as a people, get a piece. 


Mama’s Just A Little Girl shows the side of Pac that the American public was and still is afraid to look at. His heart was as big as the world. But when you’ve been hurt so many times growing up, one can’t help but take on survival of the fittest ways. The song tells of the trials of a young mother (maybe Pac‘s) and the effects that it has on the upbringing of the children. Jazze Pha crushes the production on Fair Exchange. It’s about hot sex on a platter and the concept of, if you do me, then I’ll do you…if you’re worth it. You know how the thugs do. Late Night is a dose of laid back, West Coast, easy to ride to shit that we miss coming from Pac. The production is by DJ Quik, so you know it’s smooth and funked out. Thugs Mansion – Nas Acoustic featuring Nas is simply a track that is so smooth and can still touch the streets only the way that Pac and Nas could. It’s moments like these that make us wish that Pac had never passed. If they sound this good on a remake of a Pac gem, imagine the beautiful noise they would’ve made if Pac were still here…imagine.

Disc two of the set shows us some different versions of the same songs and a couple of new joints. If you love Hip-Hop you had to love Pac. Run and get this disc for yourself or those young’ns who your teaching about the Culture of Hip-Hop. Pac was one of the best. R.I.P.