Back in the day, dudes used to have fantasies about getting one of those Catholic school girls up in a dark room. You know what they would say: With all of that structure and order they dealt with during the day, those girls had to be freaks at night. It made sense, right? If you ever needed proof that that same philosophy applied to boys too, see Micah Levar Troy. Ol’ boy’s father was not only a military man, but after serving his time in the service, he started serving the Lord as a pastor. And like those Catholic chicks mentioned earlier, when a young Troy got a break from all of the discipline, he’d wild out.

Let Universal Soldier tell it, Pastor Troy is still wild. The ATLien is like Mike Ditka, Lois Farrakhan and DMX all rolled into one fiery package, and this is his first real chance to blow before a national audience. Radio stations from coast to coast are already playing the hell outta the addictive “Are We Cuttin’.” The same ones breaking their necks to that Timbaland cut are gonna need to see a chiropractor after hearing “Chug-A-Lug” and “No More Play In GA Pt.2.” The beats are ridiculous. And when Dixie producing friends Lil Jon (“My Hustlaz”) and Jazzy Pha (“Undefeated”) put their southern twang to the boards, things only get rowdier.

While it’s more than obvious to see why so many in Atlanta and surrounding areas have joined Pastor Troy’s congregation, it can’t be ignored that Universal Soldier sometimes steers people the wrong way. “Tell’em It’s On” and “Who, What, When, Where” aren’t the only loud, poorly-delivered tracks, they just happen to be the worst ones. Surely, PT could’ve allowed these songs to ruin his album’s other good times, but he doesn’t. Remember, Troy’s a preacher’s son; if there’s one thing he knows it’s how to have a good time.