Maybe that left-wing, self-righteous Bill O’Reilly was right: Ludacris is a thug. The comical MC talks about drugs like a CVS pharmacist, he curses more than a voodoo priestess and womanizes like three Hugh Hefners. Pepsi was right to cut him lose…Yeah, about as right as two left Air Force 1s. What thug do you know spits as many hyperbole-stacked lines into a single verse? How many thugs out there on the block can drop gut-bursting one-liners and pop culture references at the drop of hat? How many, Mr. O’Reilly? That’s right–one. Luda.

But rather than the Chicago-born MC using this recording opportunity to simply bash ignorant talk show hosts, he and his group of talented Atlanta friends, Disturbing Tha Peace, pretty much smash everyone and everything in their way. Wannabe playas catch lyrical blows from DTP’s lone female, Shawnna, on the grimy “Posted.” Silly chicks get theirs on the Tity Boy and Dolla Boy-ripped “Play Pen to the State Pen,” while everybody gets a little piece of the action on the club hit “Move Bitch,” “Pimp Council,” “Break Sumthin'” and the I-20-crushed “Can’t Be Stopped.”

The eclectic crew–the squealing Lil’ Fate is the only other member–eases up on all of the eardrum-shattering drums and thunderous sound effects on the beloved “Growing Pains.” That’s merely one song though. Golden Grain, as a whole, ain’t much on reflection. The kinetic CD’s focus is strictly on Luda and Co. gettin’ a down home party started, breakin’ a few car stereos and having a lil’ fun. And Mr. O’Reilly, if that’s what your definition of a “thug” is, so be it.