In 1998 the world was introduced to Trina “Da Baddest Bitch” on Trick Daddy’s album. Although Trina had been down with Trick since day one it wasn’t till the track “Nann” blew up that we had the priveledge of hearing Trina spit bar for bar with a rugged kat like Trick. We had already heard foul mouthed chicks like Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, but here was a woman with a southern twang and a fatty to boot, and she could actually flow.

Trina’s debut Da Baddest Bitch, went gold and solidified Trina a place in the Hip-Hop arena. Although to really prove herself she had to come back strong…and she does. The sophomore effort is entitled Diamond Princess. “No Panties” featuring Tweet is the first single and it is just sick. Trina makes it clear that it’s all about the money and if you ain’t got no doe you aint gettin’ no ass. Then she blazes us with the traditional bounce joint, “ICU” featuring Ludacris. The track is reminiscent of Luda’s debut single “What’s Your Fantasy” so you know the flow over this joint is critical. “Rewind That Back” is another radio ready jam featuring Missy that really does nothing new for the masses. Then there’s the “Ladies First” joint featuring Eve. Now we all know that Queen Latifah and Monie Love did the ladies first thing back in 89′ but for Trina and Eve the song is filled with a fresh sassy ass approach, new musical flavor and the same concept of strength between women. The song stands as a testamernt that Trina can definitley flow with one of the east coasts finest and that she’s got her mind and her money is right

Trina has subsequently placed herself amongst some of the finest artists of today and put together a radio friendly album that doesn’t compromise her integrity as a bitch from the streets. Trina still condiders herself “Da Baddest Bitch” and I’m sure this album will keep her title intact. Although the progression from Da Baddest Bitch to the Diamond Princess is evident and well deserved.