Although born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Tampa, Florida Khia has been born to entertain. Energetic, Passionate and Bold, you will soon understand the mixture of her brand. Label her the female Too-Short but, if ever there was a 5-alarm blaze!! This is it!! An album which started with a slow methodical smoldering. ‘Thug Misses‘ was originally an independent release with her best friend Don Juan, DJ and producer. For years she had been written for other groups until Khia, crafted her skill carefully that the ‘Thug Misses‘ album flowed effortlessly from her lips in just 1 days recording time.

Now despite the style and success of the first single, her album possesses some introspective content which Khia is quick to note that, “Thug Misses is more than just “My Neck My Back” the music is me, a variety of sounds for different people, guys, girls, black, white, it’s real and it roars.” as she continues, “it’s got a little thug, but it’s got some real sit back and listen to stuff.” “My Neck My Back” is the song for the summer, the house party, the BBQ by-the-pool, makin-me-feel-good stuff.” Those the thug elements she refers to are “Fu-k Them Other Hoes” and “Jealous Girls“, where she hold her ground confronting the everyday, he said she said, hater game layered over quality production. On the other hand, “You My Girl” and “We Were Meant To Be” are the introspect side, the titles are self explanatory both featuring Markus Vance lacing vocal harmony on southern influenced R&B tracks. While being one of the few representatives for assertive sistas demanding sexual satisfaction. Khia presents those confident lyrics across a body-snapping Southern and Miami-Bass beats for everyone in the club, this is the ladies summer anthem of the year (whereas there are a number of ladies anthems on this album).

Ensuring the spark will never die, Khia has completed the sophomore project and presently formulating ideas for the third. Strengths of the albums; Catchy hooks, mixed with vocal choruses, a few personal and introspective tracks which creates material one can relate to. The one short coming of ‘Thug Misses‘ is the regional base sound, gearing it easily to the party and strip club scene. Nonetheless more so for it’s entertainment value, this debut secures a three out of five scratch rating, that says it’s a worthwhile buy.