The truth hurts so I’m gonna tell you like it is.

Without Aftermath Records, Truth Hurt’s debut solo album Truthfully Speaking would still be sitting on the shelves of music stores hoping to be bought. But of course, that’s not the case.

Dr. Dre’s new protegé, Truth Hurts, is currently climbing the charts with the success of her album’s first single “Addictive.” The song, produced by DJ Quick, and mixed by Dr. Dre, exudes creative originality blending the rich sounds of Hindi music with smoothed-out R&B vibes and a touch of rap. In today’s music world, this is extremely refreshing, and some may actually purchase this CD simply because the music seems different.

The album also showcases 13 other songs put together by an array of top notch producers, and one thing it definitely is not short of is an assortment of madd floor thumpin’ beats. For example, “Real,” produced by Timbaland, is a sure to make you wanna groove, and my man, R. Kelly uses his magic touch to make “Truth” one of the best tracks on the album.

The mid-tempo, bass-filled jam “Jimmy,” talks about women standing by their men through ups and downs, and for those who like the crazy rants of BET’s virtual princess, Cita, “Queen of the Ghetto” will make you roll over with laughter. In this song (as always), Cita tells it like it is – ‘truth hurts’ style – talking about all the wannabes in the music industry with Dre beats laced in the background. “This industry is based on the ultimate bull****, and real life ain’t far behind.” Now that’s true.

With “Addictive” being the latest rave in the Hip-Hop music world, Truth Hurt’s upcoming duet with R.Kelly will blow everyone away. Named after the album title, Truthfully Speaking, the duet portrays Truth and Kelly as quarrelling lovers expressing each other’s views on their relationship.