Curren$y has been buzzing for several years now, but hasn’t been able to take his career as high as he tends to be. With Weekend at Burnie’s, Spitta continues to give his supporters what they enjoy most about him, but also shows why some still think he’s a new artist.

Spitta’s most successful when he crafts melodic, laid back tracks (“What’s What,” “On G’s”), smooth enough to make fans lean without being under the influence. Monsta Beatz and Havoc & Magneto7 all craft the instrumentals to let Spitta work, albeit to mixed results. Still on the positive side, one of the album’s most outstanding cuts, “She Don’t Wanna Man,” showcases more depth to Spitta, something that is truly missing elsewhere. While tackling a serious subject matter (adultery) in a nonchalant manner, Curren$y flexes his versatility over one of the album’s most stellar beats. This leads a listener to feel more of this should have been provided.

There’s an inconsistency on Weekend at Burnie’s that keeps it from being fully successful. At some points, Curren$y shows why he was given the Spitta moniker, but other times, he shows how limited his flow and subject matter can be, slowly pushing through tracks with no real focus. Sometimes, he doesn’t even try to rhyme creatively. “What you wish they would played on the radio at least one time. It’s cool, though. We getting major paper on the underground. You thought it was them other fools, though it was us the whole time,” he says on “You See It”. When not faltering in this manner, Weekend is enjoyable but this type of work diminishes the album’s value. 

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“You know I speed, minus the bus and Keanu Reeves,” Curren$y says on the introductory “#Jetsgo”. The line is somewhat indicative of Spitta’s skill. While the line is average at best as it stands, it is also extremely dated. See, Curren$y is not devoid of all talent on the microphone as his longevity can attest, but he’s also not supremely gifted, as his nearly decade-long “new artist” tag can prove. To this point, Weekend does little to help this tag go away. Longtime fans will enjoy and support the album justly, but it will be understandably missed or ignored by many.

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