After a 3 year hiatus, K-os has made his long-awaited return to the hip hop scene. The question is, did he return to hip hop? Exit could easily fall under other categories of musical genre because there is a major fusion of musical styles represented throughout the album. This alternative hip hop features a lot of signing from K-os, some quasi-reggae flavor, and of course, traditional emceeing.

K-os delivery is not the only element of the album that displays diversity, the beats backing him are just as varied. The album kicks off with some classic hip hop, “Fantastique” has a thumping beat, scratching, and K-os tearing up the mic. Things quickly turn to some R&B soul shit on “Call Me.” That song will act as the lead single and probably displays K-os’ talents better than any other song. No disrespect to his emcee skills (they are quite impressive), but K-os is probably a better singer than he is a rapper. The moments on the album that he shines the brightest is when he is crooning the mic, not rocking it. As evidenced on songs like “Heaven Only Knows,” “Patience” and my favorite track, “Masquerade.” K-os strays the furthest from hip hop on “Superstar Pt. 2” when he sings over an acoustic guitar, this one could definitely end up on alternative radio stations.

The “Heaven Only Knows” remix is just tremendous too, maybe better than the original. I would be remiss not to mention the positivity and inspirational, thought-provoking content throughout the entire album. Exit is definitely not an album for any of you close-minded cats out there, but good music cannot be denied. Regardless of how you choose to categorize this LP, it is dope, period. The diversity and originality that K-os displays should not be criticized, it should be celebrated.