The East Coast has never been the same since Juvenile hell dropped from a pair of New Yorkers who spoke the dun language. Three group albums, a solo album, a planned film that may not see the light of day and Mobb deep are back with their fifth album, Infamy.

As a hip-hop fan, Mobb Deep were never my thing but this album has made me a fan of theirs. Their first single from the album, “Burn“, which is hot right now, is making the necessary noise in the streets and the album does hit home with fans.

With 16 tracks, the majority has been produced by Havoc but others such as Ez Elpee, Scott Storch and The Alchemist also take a few tracks. Features include 112, Lil MO, Infamous Mobb, Noyd and Ron Isley and they all shine.

Memorable tracks include the double hi-hat track “Handcuffs” which has the duo trying their hand at speed rapping comes of quite nice, “Hey Luv” featuring 112 which is also making noise in the clubs and “Bounce“, which you makes you do just that. But the most impressive track has to be “Get At Me” which was produced the Alchemist. It sounds like a sample has been taken from an episode of Magnum P.I. and will sort of remind listeners of the Scarface sample used on their last album.

With the beats in place, all Mobb have to do is bring the words. But at times, their lyrical content doesn’t stretch beyond women, jewels and criminal activities. And with title tracks like “Clap“, “Kill that Ni**a“, “Hurt Ni**as” and “My Gats Spitting“, you tend to get a little jaded with their violent approach.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be a direct track that puts their bet in against the Jay Z. A few shots in some tracks maybe directed at Jay but no tracks directly and that’s what some fans may have been waiting for.

Dark beats mixed with Hav and Prodigy’s invariable flow makes for some good music, although the murder music does get staccato. Nonetheless, Mobb Deep have made the right move and brought back their own New York flavour. Careful Jay.