What family in hip-hop has released 11 albums and procured sales of more than 20 million albums worldwide? Only one, ATL’s own Dungeon Family and they have FINALLY come together for their collective album, Even In Darkness.

Outkast, together with, Goodie Mob, Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown, Witch Doctor and Cool Breeze have taken their time with this one and you can heard it in the tight, space-like production and verses only expected from the dungeon.

14 tracks, with 4 produced by Outkast and the remainder taken by in-house producers Organized Noize, the album plays like a trip into the deepest parts of the dungeon and the highest parts of space. Trans DF Express, which is already taking over the airways, other stand-out bangers include the mesmerising Crooked Booty, Follow the Light and White Gutz with an on-point Bubba Sparxxx trading rhymes with his Southern brethren. On & On & On is the albums head banger with Big Boi dropping his favoured speedy rhymes.

The least prominent members get their chance to shine but they’re still waiting for their time as evident on Emergency which sounds straight out of No Limit, Forever Pimpin (never slippin’) and ,em>They Comin’.

On the whole, the album is like a family gathering with each member bringing their flavour to the table. Especially on the old school sounding 6 Minutes (dungeon family it’s on) with Cool Breeze spitting the funniest line.

“Cool, cool Cutta/ Cutta to the finish/ If your girl got a future behind her/ I’m up in it”

Hip-hop, with it’s money, women and champagne, NEEDS the Dungeon Family as they take their sound to places where rappers are afraid to travel. And with albums from Cee-Lo and Outkast on the way, this appetiser only gets the mouth watering for the main course!