The flamboyant, elaborate, creative, masterful, in no mean terms, GREAT, Busta Rhymes is back! The ever growing J Records is his new home and you seem to hear that he is now happy as he releases his fifth solo album, Genesis.

After the disappointing marketing and sales of Anarchy, Busta went back, rearranged his priorities and came back the way his fans wanted him to. With 20 tracks, production from such names as Jay Dee, Diamond D, Pete Rock, Mel-Man, Dr. Dre and, of course, the Neptunes, Busta has gone back to his creative best and causes trauma with each track.

Betta Stay Up In Your House featuring the momentously tight Rah Digga has the pair trading rhymes like they are the same person.

Also, Break Ya Neck, which flows faster than Gimmie Some Mo’, Holla and Make It Hurt where Busta and the Jay Dee beat become the same entity. Hot ones also include Pass The Courvoisier featuring P.Diddy, who actually blows up the spot with Busta like brothers from different mothers and Match The Name With The Voice featuring Flipmode Squad which is a definite street bouncer. Although you wonder where Roc Marciano is, the remanding members fill the void, especially Rah Digga.

“The illest raw Digga reppin’ Brick City/ If I’m lying may the Lord come strike my left titty/ Undisputed, metaphor rap queen/ Always cooking up some shit like moms and crack fiends.”

Not many fast forward tracks but at times Busta becomes a little repetitive. Tracks like Truck Volume, Bounce (Let Me See Ya Throw It) and We Got What You Want get a bit boring.

With the summer hit What It Is featuring Kelis, the album rounds out to a hot plate of beats, rhymes and Busta at his best. All your left waiting for is a video for each track.

And don’t forget: FLIPMODE IS THE SQUAD!