It was in 1993 when Wu
dropped their first group album, Enter The Wu-Tang. This was the introduction of a group of
talented MCs, enter a one; Ghostface
, who seems to have become one of the most metaphorically spoken
lyricists off the group. However, can his new effort bring the same tight forms
of production and lyricism from his last two albums and from the hype he has
gained thru various other Wu

Bulletproof Wallets starts with a slow moving intro
where Ghostface basically explains, .. niggas that fuck around gonna get they
balloon popped, straight up
, which fits the hype and grimeyness
perfectly for the first track; Maxine. Never Be The Same Again featuring Raekwon and Carl Thomas, is a tight; heartfelt single off the album that shows
a softer delivery from both Ghostface
and Raekwon. The production on this
album has really stepped up, with tracks like Strawberry
& The Forest, which
have that mellow storybook type melody to it. The
: (it’s the illest
little story for the girls and boys – Wonderland, you should see it yo!)
. Method Man comes thru with a song
stealing verse on Flowers (… I’m what you get when that Absolute and
Hennesy mix – Ultimate! Ultimate! – Wu-tang, my whole click – Ultimate!
). RZA also
lends his help on the track Detroit Heavenly.
R&B influenced artists Issac Hayes and
Ginuwine also lend their vocals on
this album.

Overall, this is a solid album. At first listen, you can tell for the most part
that this is more up-beat compared to his last two albums. The production is
really tight on more then half the songs, and lyrically – well, you just have
to feel Ghostface to begin with to
like him. If you have never peeped him before, I’d say pick up his first album,
but, Bulletproof Wallets
it is definitely a keeper, and honestly – next to Masta Ace‘s Disposable Art
and The Blueprint, this is the hottest
album to drop this year.