The Mobb Deep fellas have been holding it down so well, for so long that everyone just seems to be waiting for them to eventually fall off.

Keep dreaming, on H.N.I.C. Prodigy makes it clear that this ain’t gonna happen. For nearly the last decade Prodigy has developed a rep for being one of the illest lyricists in Hip Hop, a claim that will be undisputed after listening to tracks like the smashing first single, Keep it Thoro and the ominous sounding Veteran’s Memorial.

Surprisingly only two tracks were produced by resident Mobb producer Havoc, the dark Wanna Be Thugs, and Delt With The B.S. Fortunately, other producers such as The Alchemist, the Hangmen 3, EZ-Elpee and others have catered well to Prodigy‘s delivery, which is more laid back than in previous years. In fact, the string laced EZ-Elpee track H.N.I.C. highlights Prodigy‘s talents perfectly.

Unfortunately, some of the beats that P experiments with this time out do not complement his style at all. Such is the case on Do It and Y.B.E. with B.G. of the Cash Money click. Nevertheless, this is one of the best albums to be released this winter.