Yung Joc has ties to both Jermaine Dupri, being from Atlanta, and Diddy as he was once signed to Bad Boy Records in the 2000s, but he’s giving Puffy the nod in a specific area when it comes to a potential Verzuz battle.

The “I Know You See It” rapper recently joined Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion where he examined both of the Hip Hop moguls’ catalogs and skillsets.

“I always felt like Diddy understood like how to go to the next level of what he was doing,” Joc said. “JD did too, but JD again was doing so many other things that he didn’t focus on his artistry as much as Diddy did.

“Diddy kinda stands next to what’s hot… As he makes it hotter or I’ma tell you what Diddy does, he will acknowledge what’s hot and his acknowledgment brings awareness to what’s hot and he blows it up.

He continued: “In theory, you think of all parties involved and nine times out of 10 who was the bigger party involved? Diddy. So he understands marketing and that’s the difference that he got over JD.”

Yung Joc went on to explain how Diddy remained the frontman of Bad Boy while JD took a step back to develop and let his other artists signed to the label shine on their own.

“As time went on, [JD] focused on his strengths as a producer and a writer more than as an artist or the flagship artist of his brand,” he added. “No matter who [Diddy] had, he’s branded as the flagship of Bad Boy. JD is So So Def, but the other artists were bigger than JD.”

Jermaine Dupri Takes Credit For Introducing JAY-Z To Southern Rap Fans

Jermaine Dupri Takes Credit For Introducing JAY-Z To Southern Rap Fans

Jermaine Dupri has long teased the highly anticipated Verzuz battle which he says is on the calendar for 2023 and will take place in Atlanta later this year.

“We going into this Verzuz, me and Puff, I’m the underdog; a dangerous underdog too,” Dupri told The Goats And Underdogs podcast in December. “And I say danger because people don’t really know my records.

“We know all Puff’s songs, he don’t have no hidden records that I’m like, oh, I didn’t know he did. I got a bunch of records that he don’t even really be thinking about.”